Monday, February 27, 2012

Disney Day 6 - January 11, 2012

Wednesday was our last full day at Disney.  We slept in a little that day and then met up with everyone at the Animal Kingdom.  We were all kind of dragging that day and I didn't feel good so I don't have a ton of pictures.  But we really enjoyed the Animal Kingdom and there are some fun things there.  The first thing we did was go on the Kilimanjaro Safari Expedition.

We saw a lot of animals and Avery really enjoyed it. 

The big roller coaster attraction at Animal Kingdom is Expedition Everest.  It's a fun roller coaster that takes you up Mt. Everest until the tracks end.  Then you go backward for a while and then forward again!  It was a thrilling ride!

One of our favorite things there was Finding Nemo - The Musical.  It is a Broadway type show that tells the story of Nemo.  The actors were so talented and the costumes and sets were amazing.  Avery actually fell asleep, but the rest of us love it!

That night, we had late dinner reservations and we decided to go back to Downtown Disney before dinner to buy our souvenirs.  Avery picked out a Little Mermaid doll for herself to go with her Minnie Mouse ears.  I got a t-shirt and Adam got a golf towel.  We also got ourselves and Avery each a Christmas ornament.

We had dinner that night at the Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge.  It was so good!  We were all exhausted, but we found the strength to eat a lot of food that night!  One of the best parts was dessert...bread pudding and s'mores!

We had a great time on Wednesday and were sad to be leaving the next day.

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