Thursday, May 31, 2012

Avery's 3rd Birthday

I realized that I haven't written about Avery's 3rd birthday!  She turned 3 on February 26, 2012.  We had her party the weekend before her birthday at Imagine That Birthday Club.  It is a great place that has inflatables that the kids can play on.  They also take care of all of the set up and clean for the party, which is fabulous!  Avery wanted a pink princess party (of course!).  So the party colors were pink and turquoise and it was princess themed.

I asked my sister to make Avery's birthday cake this year.  The princess crown cake was perfect!

My friend Laura helpe me make these amazing iced sugar cookies in the shape of princess crowns!  It was fun to make them and they were delicious.

Singing Happy Birthday to Avery.  She liked it this year as opposed to last year when she covered her eyes the whole time!

Blowing out the candles
 The party was a lot of fun!  We enjoyed spending time celebrating Avery with our family and friends.  She is a huge blessing to us and we want to make sure she knows it and celebrate her every chance we can!

Here are some pictures from Avery's actual birthday.  It was on a Sunday so we took some pictures in the yard before we went to church.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Avery's First Concert

Avery went to her first concert on April 26, 2012.  We went to see The Fresh Beat Band!  Avery loves music, singing and dancing so she loves watching the Fresh Beat Band.  For her birthday, Adam's sister and her family got us all tickets to the concert in Birmingham.  They also got her the Fresh Beat Band CD and Avery listens to it every day! 

Avery and Mia were very prepared for the concert with Fresh Beat outfits complete with Rock Star jackets!  These jackets were made by Adam's mom.  They were selling them at the concert for $60!  Crazy!

We got there in time to get some glow stick necklaces...what's a concert without glow sticks?!  Then we hung out until the concert started. 

Marina, Kiki (Avery's favorite because she wears pink!), Shout and Twist

Singing and dancing along!

Eating popcorn during intermission.  Three year olds do not understand what intermission is and she was upset that the concert was over!  Popcorn did the trick :)

Avery LOVED the concert!  She sang and danced the whole time.  As soon as it was over, she burst into tears!  Poor thing!  She had so much fun and asks us all the time when we can go to another concert.  She's going to love concerts just like her daddy!