Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here are some pictures we have made of Avery over the past few weeks.

Happy Girl. I am learning to smile.

These were taken on my 6 week birthday.

Lovin' on my bunny.

This is what I wore the first time I went to church.

Tummy Time

"No don't make me lift my head!"

My fist tastes good. In the bath...

During Tummy Time...

Or whenever I please!

Mommy washing me.

Before Daddy played with my hair...

After Daddy played with my hair! Mohawk.

Drying off.


We enjoyed celebrating Avery's first Easter. She looked too cute in her Easter dress! We actually made it to the 9:00 service at church and Avery did really well. Before Avery was born, we were able to get up at about 8:00 and get ready and make it to church by 9. Now, I have to get up by 6:00 in order to get ready, feed Avery and get her ready. It's crazy how your life changes when you have a baby :)

After church we went to Gadsden and stayed for a few days. We were able to spend some time with family and friends.

Here are some pics.

Avery in her Easter dress. I realize she looks like a football player with shoulder pads in this picture, but she's a cute football player :)

Mom and Avery

Dad and Avery

Cousin Zack and Avery