Sunday, March 28, 2010


We are so glad Spring is almost here! We've had a rough few weeks. Avery had RSV, then an ear infection, and then we all had a stomach virus! It was horrible. So we are very happy that we are all well, it is warm outside, the sun is shining and we are able to enjoy the beautiful weather and get some fresh air!

We had Avery's 12 month check up last week and everything was great. She's very healthy. She weighed 20 pounds 6 ounces, which is only 3 ounces more than she weighed at her 9 month check up, and 29 inches long. We think her weight was lower than expected because of several things...1) she's been mobile for a few months, 2) she's not drinking formula any more, and 3) she had just gotten over a stomach virus. But she's still in the 50th percentile for weight so she's doing well!

Avery's hair is growing fast! We have to keep a clip in it all the time so it won't be in her face.

We were trying out a trendy new look here. I think it's pretty cute!

Silly girl!

Side view

One day recently while we were hanging out in the living room, we looked over at Avery and she had gotten Adam's baseball cap off of the couch and put it on her head. Adam was so proud!

Avery has been a picky eater recently. There are a few things she will always eat...pasta pick-ups, scrambled eggs, Cheerios, any kind of snacks (puffs, yogurt melts, etc.) and bananas. Everything else is a gamble. We're going to keep trying though and hopefully she will expand her horizons :)

Here she is enjoying her pasta pick-ups

This past weekend, we were able to enjoy some nice weather. We were excited to break out some of Avery's new Spring clothes.

What a diva in her sunglasses!

We met my mom, aunt and nephew for lunch. Zachary and Avery had a good time entertaining each other.

Here are some other recent pictures of Avery.

You can see all of her teeth in this picture. She has 6 that have come in (4 on top and 2 on bottom) and 2 more that are breaking through on the bottom.

Monday, March 1, 2010

One Year Old

Dear Avery,
You are now one year old! You turned one 3 days ago on 2/26/10. It's so hard to believe that this time last year we were enjoying our first day home from the hospital with you. You had a very exciting birthday weekend. Your birthday was on a Friday this year. We spent the morning at home together and we measured you for the first time on your growth chart. It said you are a little over 29 inches tall.

We then traveled to see family and get ready for your party on Saturday. We had your party at Noccalula Falls. All of your family and friends came to celebrate with you. You are so loved! The theme of your party was pink and green polka dots.

Your first birthday cake turned out so cute! You even had your own cake to dig into.

You weren't too sure about it (just like we predicted) but you did get a taste of the icing.

You got a lot of presents! Your Granna got you a beautiful pearl bracelet and some clothes. Your Nona and G-Daddy got you a toy that you can ride and push around and also a dress that Nona made. We are getting you a swing set to play on this summer. You also got a lot of cute summer clothes, some toys and books. You had fun opening the presents and playing with them and with the wrapping paper!

On Sunday we went to church with Granna and you wore your pretty birthday dress with cupcakes on it. You didn't wear the hat to church, but we wanted to get some pictures of you wearing it since we forgot to take it to your party...oops!

Here are some things about you at one year old:
  • You gave up your bottle about a month ago. It didn't phase you one bit! You took to a sippy cup like a champ! You only like to drink out of sippy cups that have handles so far. We're about to start working on drinking from the ones with no handles.
  • You're learning to eat all kids of food. Some things that you eat are pasta pick-ups, bananas, cheese, crackers, green beans, Cheerios, puffs, yogurt melts, apple sauce, and scrambled eggs.
  • We finished up your formula yesterday (2/28/10) and we started giving you whole milk. You seem to really like it! You also love apple juice.
  • You can stand when you hold onto something and I think that any day now you will stand on your own.
  • You can also walk while holding onto something. You have a toy stroller and a toy train that you love to push around the house. You laugh and smile as you walk.
  • You have 4 teeth so far...2 on the bottom and 2 on the top. There are several more coming in.
  • Every time we go out to eat you always make friends with the people sitting around us. You stare and smile at them and they just can't help but smile and talk to you.
  • Even though you make friends with strangers, you can also be shy. Sometimes it takes you a little bit to get used to a brand new place.
  • You aren't saying any words yet, but you love to babble. Just this week you have also started to make a noise like you're singing. Maybe you will get your dad's beautiful singing voice.
  • You love to dance! When you hear music you start rocking back and forth and then you move your shoulders back and forth. You especially loved dancing to the Olympic theme song the past 2 weeks.
You are such a precious gift from God and we love you very much! Happy Birthday!